Does love seem missing in marriages after few years of it?

The spark, the wait and the love seem to be getting vanished after few years of marriage. Whether it's getting divided between the increasing members in family or somewhere getting vanished with this rush-over time of pseudo world responsibility..Is it really missing or somewhere the love awaits to be revealed's just a hug away..What is your opinion?


Probably love thrives best when we retain enough space around ourselves occasionally, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on our need for private space. This way, we reduce the moments of friction too. Something like – absence makes the heart grow fonder. But most of all, we ought to ask ourselves what love means to us personally. To some it might be a hot shared cuppa in the morning. To another it might be a long relaxed drive with the partner. And so on.


JoyeetaTalukdar: Thank u Madhuri for your feedback....;

I believe that if it's true love, it won't die out, even in a million years.In true love, no compromise is considered too big, to keep the relationship & love intact. On the other hand, if the relationship was based on any ulterior gains, & not on love, then the veneer will start thinning soon...


I feel the way love is conveyed changes. It does not vanish. But as teenagers, we chat late nights, after engagements and commitments, we meet often so chats decrease. After marriage, we meet everyday, priorities change, talks are more than plain romance. So yes, love is just a hug away!

  • Aditi
  • Posted: 07 Dec 2016

JoyeetaTalukdar: Thank u Aditi for the reply but why is love a hug away...and it seems egotism comes somewhere because of the burden of responsibilities.

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