Does the internet foster really strong bonds of friendship?

We now live in a world where the internet is becoming a bare necessity. I've bonded with way too many people on the internet, & I'm sure many of you have too...Are internet based friendships really strong? Has internet based friendships made life more meaningful? What's your take on it?


Internet is a platform where I have met old friends and really like knowing about the progress of their life and their achievements. It is a way to be connected in some little way with friends and family all over the world. However I do not believe in starting new relationships on Internet.


If bonding on the internet wasn't in vogue, then Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, & other such platforms wouldn't be this popular...


Internet and social media are a great way of connecting with old friends. I have not only reconnected with so many old friends and acquaintances, thanks to the internet, but also developed a stronger bond with them than we had when we knew each other in person. Having said that, I'm a little weary of befriending strangers in the virtual space.


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