Can a man love his wife and another woman with same passion?

What do you think? Is it possible for a man top divide his love equally? Or will it be a farce?


One thing we have to understand is that emotion, a feeling that we feel towards someone or something is not a quantifiable commodity. If it was measurable, we can say, I love her equally, or more or less or 10% or 100%., or whatever. But, it is not measurable, is it? A wife is no one else but a woman bound by contract to you (and vice versa). I presume you have feelings that you categorise as love towards her. But does that deplete you of the capacity of that feeling anymore? No. Now if you do develop a similar sentiment, feeling or emotion towards another woman (I'm assuming this case as a man, but the case remains same for women as well), is the love you feel for your wife getting affected? Why? Let not the the societal norms of morality define our capability to feel love. It may not be socially acceptable to lead a life with two different partners, but that does not mean that loving more than one is not possible, or that even the idea is a farce! In fact, it is a reality in all our lives. I know that some will acknowledge and accept this, albeit quietly, but others will just deny their suppressed feelings, to portray a sense of misplaced righteousness.

  • Vaidi
  • Edited: 25 Dec 2016

Shine Syamaladevi: I agree with you, however, partially. Love is an emotion and hence not measurable. Still, you can feel how it diminishes with the entry of a person into life. Therefore only the custom of marriage, a contract of course, and the concept of morale is made.

I have seen married people having affair with their ex or a colleague at office,with whom he/she spent most of the time. Even then they are carrying on with the normal life with their spouses. Perhaps, they are pretending having a perfect life.

That's when this doubt occurred to me.

Funny question!! Well nothing is impossible... Lol... But from the ethical point of view, it doesn't seem justified. A man who is not ready for a faithful relationship shouldn't jump into a marriage...Then there are people who claim that an occasional fling brings back the connection in married life, but I wouldn't advocate the need for a fling...


Shine Syamaladevi: All are faithful initially. Changes occur with the passage of time. People start finding some of their colleague/ friends more friendly and caring than their spouses. Then, slowly they start drifting towards them with the hope of something more.

Then, who doesn't want more!!

How I see it is if your love life in the marriage has stagnated another intimate relationship can really get things back in action.

But I am always a believer in talking about it. Loyalty and trust are such important elements of any relationship. I wouldn't want to cheat on my wife and if the feeling of looking out for another love interest is mutual both the partners can do that to get things rolling together as well.

  • Ankit
  • Posted: 22 Dec 2016

Shine Syamaladevi: It is difficult to happen on mutual understanding. At least in India in the present scenario. Maybe in future, when we are more developed, when we are more busy, such things can happen.

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