Can friction over money break a couple despite love?

Money is never an easy subject to address, especially in a romantic relationship. If it's a live-in then it's even worse. But friction does happen over managing money, deciding whether an expense is a necessity or a luxury, if both partners should be equal contributors, if the one who is contributing more should have a greater say in matters of money? Questions are too many. But the biggest one of them is: can it break a couple, in spite of them being in love otherwise? What do you think?


Money is an energy that can be created or conserved. Attaining comfort with the resultant of the energy called money is more important.


How to spend or save money can be one of the many contentious issues in a marriage. The obvious reason is that the couple differs in what money means to them – the pleasure in the things it can buy (what to spend it on) or the feel of stability it provides (savings). When these pleasures or stability factors are critical to either of them, it can trigger deep dissonance. The less obvious reason is that while we are capable of managing plenty of differences, it depends on our readiness to manage these. If the marriage already carries deep dissonance, money simply becomes an additional factor and can even be the last straw on the camel’s back.


Absolutely not. I don't know what the scenes for married couple are, but coming from a family of love marriages all around me, I never saw any money-related fights in the family. Taking my parents' example, my mother comes from one of the richest families in my city (her grandpa was a Member of Parliament), and she married a 'commoner'. The kind of luxury she was brought up in, she didn't get it at her in laws'. There was never an issue because of that.

But coming to my generation, I myself had been in a live in relationship for a while. Honestly, money was never an issue. We both had our jobs, and while I was the careless spender and couldn't save a penny, my guy was the saving type. Every month after I would spend my entire salary, I could only take care of the necessities with the remaining money towards the end of the month. And my guy would pamper me with all the things I label as 'luxury'.. So, you see, the bottomline is, you need to have that kind of understanding with your partner and it depends upon the 2 people whether or not they want money to be a deciding factor for their happiness.

I gave two examples where money never played a role in deciding the happiness of the couple. Rest, you decide. :)


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