One takeaway on 'love' from the year 2016?

The dynamics of a couple relationship changes every few months/years. What is your takeaway from the lat year?


Love is like a Balance..once it gets into your system, it stays there for ever..( in cycling might be decades you left cycling, but even today U can do cycling with out falling)..

  • Posted: 10 Jan 2017

RakshaBharadia: This is fabulous! What a response! Thanks Shyam!

True love does not die. Like you said, the dynamics in a couple relationship changes every few months. Sometimes the dynamics become better because of positivity and love shines bright, while other times, negativity clouds the emotion of love. It is in these times of negativity that we need to unclutter our thoughts, clean the dust that has accumulated in the relationship so that love doesnt drown in the burden of this filth and dirt. Then again, if the couple doesnt clean and unclutter this, love will be lost - it will still not die. Of course, the will of the couple in keeping a relationship healthy and removing any filth and dirt that gets accumulated periodically is a must. Nevertheless, the love will never die. It will be lost. For years. With time when your heart and your eyes can see beyond the dust, dirt and filth, love will haunt you again. But by then it may just have been too late.


I think love is about keeping the fundamental aspects of daily life and living intact. Make space for each other, do not breathe down each other's neck. Whatever emerges naturally from good fundamentals can't be bad, and it can't be forced/demanded/expected. Since it's organic. Like a tree.


RakshaBharadia: The point is do you not breathe down each other's neck!

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