Is it possible to maintain long distance relationships?

Since the past 3 years, I've been in a relationship with a friend of mine. Last month, I moved to a new city. We haven't had a proper conversation in weeks. Our schedule clashes and we are unable to talk to each other. Recently, we've had fights and arguments which haven't happened before. Are long distance relationships possible to maintain?


It's tough. People get occupied and the priorities change from time to time. But, if love is there then it wouldn't be a problem to communicate. You just shouldn't feel that you're forcing it. It should come voluntarily. The conversations should keep happening from time to time. Because, that's all we want. Our partner to be there for us.


It's tricky, but possible. You need to come up with what works for you. In any relationship none should feel missing and neglected.

  • Mira
  • Posted: 31 Jul 2016

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