Does love marriage romance fade away too quickly?

Does love marriage romance fade away too quickly? Is it true that the spark vanishes sooner!?



Love or arranged , romance needs to be kept alive always. On the facade, it appears that in love marriage romance fizzles out soon because of the transition of the couple from lovers to husband and wife. To start with in arranged marriage, there was no love , no romance so it appears that it has stayed longer than in love marriages. 


If it fades away then it's not love. And statistics has nothing to do with it. If you love your partner then marriage wouldn't fade away the love. You should be able to anticipate everything which marriage will bring in your life and be prepared for it. And it's easier to prepare yourself for it when you know your partner well enough. :)

  • Ayushi
  • Posted: 21 Apr 2017

Swati Mehra:

Interesting take.

The love will always be there if both the partners keep on exploring and communicating with each other. One advantage with love marriage is that the partners are well aware of each other and that is why the medium of communication between them is always transparent. The fact which may hinder is complacency. Couples should always try to make each other special and never give up communicating with each other. A healthy relationship is one where a couple keeps on surprising each other.


Swati Mehra:

"complacency" is indeed an important matter...

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