Husband makes a face whenever I try to pay for things? Why make a fuss?

Although I am up for chivalry and love being pampered, I don't like it when my husband makes a face whenever we are together and I pay for something instead of him. We both are earning well. Why make a fuss about it at all?


Perhaps you guys sit down and have a talk about it.

One of you paying for all day to day expenses and one of you saving and paying for, say, EMIs, bills - that may not be a bad idea.

Please let him know how you feel about it though. Ignoring anything NEVER works. You may want to reach a practical middle ground.

  • s_83
  • Posted: 28 Dec 2016

Have a joint account and let all such expenditures go from that.


Ignore it. There is nothing wrong with the occasional pampering but never let anyone dent your self respect

  • Devlina
  • Posted: 04 Aug 2016

Mira: Totally second that,... but he's my husband.. so Ignoring it is more like ignoring him :( .

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