He makes a face whenever I try to pay for things? Why make a fuss?

Although I am up for chivalry and love being pampered, I don't like it when he makes a face whenever we are together and I pay for something instead of him. We both are earning well. Why make a fuss about it at all?


Tell him what you have noticed without confronting him. Maybe you'll understand where he is coming from. Perhaps he takes it an another way. If he wants to be the gentleman when you two are out, you can definitely spend on things at home to balance the scale. 

  • Raisha
  • Posted: 10 Apr 2017

You are doing the right thing. But he may take it as an insult. Men are raised to be providers, as stereotyped as it sounds. Maybe pay for things that can be done online, like movie tickets etc. Or if he's paying, you can buy him something to show your appreciation. Let him know that you believe he is a good provider and are just coming from a place of love. 

  • Ankur
  • Posted: 07 Apr 2017

Some men feel it is a blow to their ego if their woman pays the bill. They treat it as an affront to their masculinity, to their provider status. But I am sure you will be able to communicate your objections to him and bring him to your point of view. There is no problem open communication and mutual respect cannot solve.



Yes Barnali, I agree.



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