I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we are not speaking. Who should make the first move to talk?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven weeks now. Two days back, we had a huge fight and haven't spoken to each other since then. Should I wait for him to call or make the first move myself?


Analyse carefully how the fight developed. Was it on an issue or a result of a string of small negative feeling over the last seven weeks. Wait for him to approach, if you feel he is not the right person for you. Once he calls give him a chance to clarify. Also make things clear from your side. If the fight was the result of ego or intolerance, born out of an issue, determine if it was your mistake, then make the first move. Or else wait for him to do so.


It seems to be that u had fight for the first time , so u can make the first move. But dont make it a habit.

  • Sandeep
  • Posted: 29 Aug 2016

Make the first move. It is evident you want. Bad thing ego. The only regrets you will have are the moves you did not make.

  • R-Yen
  • Posted: 22 Aug 2016

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