Interfaith marriage facing problems due to in-laws but husband not willing to move out

My sister recently got married to a Tamilian and shifted to Chennai. As a Muslim born and brought up in North India, she had problems settling in and gets into bickers with her mother in law often. She wants to move out of her in-law's house but her husband doesn't support the idea. She doesn't know what to do. Please give suggestions as to how she should handle the situation.


Did they at any point before getting married discuss the possibility of this? With the differences that are existing between the families, this was a sure thing to happen. How did they plan to tackle it?

  • Vaidi
  • Posted: 29 Aug 2016

Oh god! In -laws and the indian system. This is a toughie!


Perhaps she should have an honest chat with her mother in law. Discuss what is expected of her and what she desires from her new family. This is a tough transition. Keeping the channels of communication opren at all times is important.

  • Rohini
  • Posted: 18 Aug 2016

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