Is cross-dressing the same as transsexuals?

What is the difference between cross-dressing and transsexuals? Or are they the same?


crossdressing can also be done for fun. it is not a prerequisite for being a transsexual. infact, crossdressing is a very old act from the times of plays and theatres where men dressed as women to portray a certain role. A transsexual however, is a man trapped in a woman's body or vice versa. its a rejection of your innate sexuality.

  • Faiza
  • Posted: 25 Aug 2016

Certainly not. You need not be transsexual to be a cross dresser. A guy can cross dress as a girl to satisfy her partner's needs and vice versa. Cross dresser is just someone who dresses as the opposite gender. That's it. It has Nothing to do with your sexuality.


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