Why do men think that helping the wife is shameful or makes them henpecked?

A friend of mine says that her husband helps her with chores only if she agrees not to discuss the same in his family, he is OK lending her support but no one should know, especially his mom. What is shameful in letting the world know that a husband cares for his wife?


I make the morning tea for my wife, and I'm doing it for over fifty years! I've absolutely no shame in doing a lot in the house, including the kitchen.


Indian males are MCPs,when it comes to doing household chores,though scenario is changing for the better but not only education but a broadened horizon will create a change in society

  • preeti
  • Posted: 16 Sep 2016

ChutneypuDi: Ouch!

This is more for the men to answer but all I want to say is that I have seen this happen and have been at the receiving end of this. The worst part is, men might be totally fine doing things at home and handling household chores; it is the parents, aunts, uncles, even friends who are not ok with the concept that make them conscious about it and then they get embarrassed about it. So it really seems to be more of a social problem than even a conditioning one...

  • Anicka
  • Posted: 01 Sep 2016

ChutneypuDi: Happy to connect with someone facing the same issue Anicka, how do you deal with it? Do you discuss this with your husband or do you ignore thinking help is what is required and all this does not matter?

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