The make-up of a good, fulfilled marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, but they are lived here on earth. What makes a good, fulfilled marriage? How far do couples travel along, hand in hand, to reach this state?


After a point, it is energy and enthusiasm that keeps it and compatibility does not last that long (most cases of course)


Mostly compromise, yes; but that too is often higher in percentage from one of the partners. Rarely it is both of them who do the 'adjustment' & that certainly make a marriage good in true sense!


One thing I can say from my experience is when couples give the space to to other to be weak. Just enough time. Not indulge more, but allow the needed amount. For the biggest reward from a marriage is companionship. And companionship means take care of me when I am down and out.


DeeptiMenon: Companionship is the mainstay of any marriage, for often, the first flush of love turns into a more mature affection. Thank you for your view!

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