Awkward Silences

What do you do when you connect to a person very well while texting, but can hardly feel the connection in person. Is it that the other person responds over texts after thinking but can't respond well because he hardly gets any time to think when he finds you sitting right across? What do you do about the awkward silences that follow?


I always met people whom I have spoken to over the phone or with whom I had done lot of Face-time calls. That way I'd know it works face-to-face or not!

  • Kaavya
  • Posted: 19 Sep 2016

You know what makes awkward silence more awkward? If you start talking about it. :D So, just try be normal and act like the person you act over the phone. And, even if one of you starts talking then the other person will also ease out and conversations would be easier.


I had the same situation with a guy I met online once. Unfortunately, he just seemed like a different person when we met and things fizzled out. Looking back, I could have given him some more time and not judged so quickly. Some people are just shy!

  • Rohini
  • Posted: 07 Sep 2016

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