What have I learnt about myself through my spouse!

They say we meet parts of 'Self' we don't even know about when in close relationships. I understood that I lie to myself convincingly and believe in my lie with all my heart. But through him, with what I experience (which mocks my lie unabashedly to my face) I know how I trick my own Self. Share something about you?


The tea can only be poured in an empty cup, the cup which is already full will only spill and soil the surroundings. If we open our mind to our surroundings , we learn each day. King Bruce learned from the spider to never give up and won the battle which he had given up, so everyone teaches us something in life , good or bad.

Our partner , with whom we spend most part of our life , share our emotions, fears, everything can make us or break us , depending on how the relationship develops.

Both of us have learnt a lot from each other, but what I learnt is courage, wisdom, strength and the light at the end of the tunnel. I am not the kind of person who plans for 50 years in advance and take each day as it comes, often we give up, get depressed or situations tear us and here is where the other part of us plays their role. We keep switching our roles as and when the other one needs. My partner completes my life and the vacuum which sometimes takes over me. More than just partners , we are our best teachers and best students, we are soul mates.

  • Andy
  • Posted: 28 Oct 2016

RakshaBharadia: This is beautiful Andy!

I learnt not to sweat the small stuff, to love a lot and laugh a lot. And if he were here, I'm sure he would love to enumerate the many thousand things that I believe he learnt from me. :). :)


RakshaBharadia: Not to sweat the small stuff! Something that men invariably teach us right?

I went on a self-discovery journey only after i got married. I found that i was an idiot, and didn't know a thing about myself. What am I? Who the hell am i? Am i at all?? My initial years spent in searching for what the problem was, the following, what the hell am i doing, and when will he change, the on going.. I don't know, and its ok not to know. My journey with him as also made me a smarter human being. I am more aware of myself and i discovered my freedom also matters.

  • Malini
  • Posted: 22 Oct 2016

RakshaBharadia: You say 'my freedom also matters'. which means....?

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