What have I learnt about myself through my spouse!

They say we meet parts of 'Self' we don't even know about when in close relationships. I understood that I lie to myself convincingly and believe in my lie with all my heart. But through him, with what I experience (which mocks my lie unabashedly to my face) I know how I trick my own Self. Share something about you?


I went on a self-discovery journey only after i got married. I found that i was an idiot, and didn't know a thing about myself. What am I? Who the hell am i? Am i at all?? My initial years spent in searching for what the problem was, the following, what the hell am i doing, and when will he change, the on going.. I don't know, and its ok not to know. My journey with him as also made me a smarter human being. I am more aware of myself and i discovered my freedom also matters.

  • Malini
  • Posted: 22 Oct 2016

With my husband, I feel more secure because he knows me well and understand my mood swifts very well. I am a different human being today because of him. He often make me realise my mistakes but in his own humble manner. His patience have made me learn how to be patient. Though, I sometimes feel that nobody can judge me better than me, irrespective of the bond that I share with the person concerned


For me it is a very tangible, practical benefit of being more organised and goal-oriented in my work. I have always been a dreamer and drifter and seeing my husband's passion for work, to-do-lists and getting organised, made me realise that I complain too easily but don't put in as much thought or effort behind projects or even the day-to-day. That I am very laid-back and sometimes it is a good thing, but it is also important to be aware of this.


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