Friends with Benefits

Is it rational for someone to be in a friends with benefits relationship? How logical to have sex with somebody and still opt out of any emotional bonding? And, what if one of the partners end up developing attachment with the other partner?


It really is crazy to compartementalise each aspect of human need through nameless relationships , friendship with benefits being one of them... This way one may get what they need for a temporary period but it can not give fulfilment that one desires in life As a human being. It's only when two people are emotional, romantically inclined and compatible that leads to a satisfying relationship...however sadly many today shy away from a wholesome relationship and land up into complicated arrangements that might play havoc later...


There is nothing irrational about indulging in a friends with benefits relationship until both parties are clear about it. Sex is a bodily need and it's not necessary that there should be emotions to ensure it's fun. If one of the partners end up developing feelings for the other, it's time to take a call -- whether to stay or leave -- and this happens often. Best thing to do is to be open about it and having a conversation about it. If you don't expect emotional support from that person, tell them that. If you think you can take this forward, tell them that. If you are sure you cannot have that emotional connect and companionship, it's better to leave.

  • Vivek
  • Posted: 20 Mar 2017

When I began my marriage, I had resolved that I would be a one woman man and that I would not stray. I also resolved that my wife would be my first and only girlfriend. But, after seven years of living together, we had a terrible breakup (something which she wanted) and I was left high and dry. All my resolutions were thrown out of the window. Since then I have not had the courage to approach any female for friendship, leave alone having a sexual relationship with her.

  • Harish
  • Posted: 24 Dec 2016


Because of a woman's fault why are you sacrificing your entire life ?

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