Do you always need a closure with your ex?

So you're finding excuses to call, drunk text or simply bump into your ex due to a compelling urge to sit down and have a 'final discussion. In an age when we're breaking up on social networking sites, how important is a face-to-face closure? Do we always need one?


Closure need not come from a face to face meeting. It is more a state of mind. Meeting may actually make it harder to move on. Sometimes, it's important to let time do the healing.

  • Shehnaz
  • Posted: 16 Sep 2016

I wouldn't know because I have never been in love before this. But I guess it all depends on the intensity of your relationship. If it meant everything to you at some point of your life, then I guess a face to face closure should help in the healing process or at least in removing all of the old memories..hope this helps..

  • Meghna
  • Posted: 15 Sep 2016

As important as the people once involved want it to be. If you feel, having a final chat will make it easier, then go ahead. But know that all questions may not be answered and you may leave feeling worse than before. But if not talking is wrecking your peace of mind, it's best to go ahead.

  • Rohini
  • Posted: 14 Sep 2016

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