Does live-in take away from the beauty and fun of marriage?

I just wanted to know what do people out here think about live-ins. I have always wondered what it would be like to live with my boyfriend. I mean, to live like a married couple, without getting married. Do you think it takes away from the beauty and fun that marriage brings? Marriage allows you the time and space to discover each other and live-in can perhaps dull that effect? Views, please.


Times where divorces, breakups are common in the name of not compatible live-ins are in for a rescue!

  • Anonymous
  • Posted: 13 Nov 2016

It may take away from the discovery aspect of marriage, but it also ensures there are no nasty shocks. As people marry older, they become more set in their ways. Live in is the true test of compatibility. You get to know your partner before making the final commitment.

  • Mayank
  • Posted: 15 Sep 2016

Meghna: That's an interesting take on the subject. Perhaps a known evil is better than an unknown one. I wonder how some couples opt for arrange marriages!

Not really. Living in can be the stepping stone to getting married in the long run. Living in with your partner actually helps you understand, feel and explore him/her in the best possible way and gives you the option to opt out if things do not go well unlike marriage which is more of a legal bond. So I feel Living in with your partner does not take away the fun and frolic that we aspire in a marriage but gives you a chance to know and understand each other before taking the decision of marriage.

  • Hridaan
  • Posted: 15 Sep 2016

Meghna: Thanks Soumodipta. So, your comment suggests that live-in is more of a trial and error run before marriage..?

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