How would/did you change your bedroom after marriage?

This question is to both the sexes, would/did you bring in bigger wardrobe, move TV inside, revamp the attached bathroom or paint the walls?


  • Ronak
  • Posted: 10 Apr 2017


my all time favourite

I would keep the wardrobes for some other room. The bedroom should be more spacious, hence I would avoid clutter. Paint, is must. No TV inside, since TV ruins conversation. Attached bathroom does fine. Some more touches of paintings, and maybe fairy lights and candles to add on. 

  • TaniaDey
  • Posted: 09 Apr 2017

We moved to a new house together. It was not very big so fitting both our things took some work. I let go of most of my stuff because honestly her stuff was better! I did keep my cherished couches and chair. In the bedroom, we bought a new bed, something both us tall people could fit in easily. I have her more wardrobe space and she let me hog the shelves! It's a compromise, one of the many a marriage requires. 

  • Ajay
  • Posted: 07 Apr 2017

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