How would/did you change your bedroom after marriage?

This question is to both the sexes, would/did you bring in bigger wardrobe, move TV inside, revamp the attached bathroom or paint the walls?


It was in the past, but I was pretty overwhelmed when the single bed became double. A dressing table got added in my compact room, and suddenly I was seeing my full body instead of seeing only my face in the bathroom mirror. "Do I look fat?" I'd always think. She must have made adjustments of her own. She never expressed any inconvenience . That's how she was, supportive, generally happy that she has me as her husband. How times change!


Everyone knows how a bachelor's room looks like and my room was no different. My wardrobe was totally messed up and the walls were full of posters. There was not much wood work, no dressing place and not even a mirror. The door even refused to close. So it is quite obvious that before marriage, I had to get a lot of work done. I consulted a designer. The woodwork was totally re-done and extra wardrobe and a dressing place was created with special lights. Walls were decorated with a textured paint and in the favourite colour of my would be wife. Special curtains were ordered and offcouse a brand new door was installed. It was a totally new room after the renovation work was finished. It it still more or less the same after so many years of marriage. From the pictures of old room, no one believes that it is the same room.

  • Ajay
  • Posted: 27 Nov 2016

A crucial thing in a marriage is to give each other space literally! !

Bedroom is that part of the house where the two of us have to share the space as well. Thus it is important to give the bedroom a makeover which would constantly remind us of the bigger change in our lives.

Before moving in with my husband we hired an interior designer and discussed about our likes and dislikes. .comforts and discomforts and she did the room accordingly.

We segregated our places, wardrobes and drawers in the room.

My place had a window..his an a.c.

My wardrobes had lots of drawers his a few shelves.

My drawers remain organised even after 3 years of wedding and a child..his were all stuffed in right from day one.

We don't intervene in each others physical space but to keep the harmony of our room which is a reflection of our marriage we together keep it tidy.

  • Sanchita
  • Posted: 27 Nov 2016

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