What is that one thing you changed in your bedroom after you got married?

This question is to both the sexes, did you bring in bigger wardrobe, moved TV inside, revamped the attached bathroom or painted the walls - one change you did to your bedroom post marriage!


Changed colour of the walls from virginal white to composed light green.

  • preeti
  • Posted: 17 Sep 2016

Kavya S: Any reason for the shade of green?

Bigger wardrobe and the TV actually moved outside.

  • Mayank
  • Posted: 15 Sep 2016

Kavya S: Interesting... I still dont get the fact of TV being moved to my room, my husband prefers to watch TV with the family and has never used it too

The only thing we changed is see through curtains.

  • Hridaan
  • Posted: 15 Sep 2016

Kavya S: well makes sense :)

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