The stereotyping of the husband-wife relationship

Why is there a stereotyping of the husband as a henpecked man with a roving eye and living in fear of the spouse and the wife always as a nagging overbearing woman? I have noticed majority of jokes, cartoons etc shared among married friends revolve around this perception. Infact, if you have noticed the comedy element of most Indian movies, regardless of language, it also is based on the same theme.


When I get such forwards from women, I always ask them how they can share them with a straight face. If I get them from men, I keep one or two feminine POV memes handy to hit back immediately...

  • Swapna
  • Posted: 21 Sep 2016

The stereotyping had begun at an age and time where the target audience or 'reader's so to speak, were mostly men, some of them, supposedly henpecked husbands 'wishing' to rove. Maybe that is how it all began. But I'm sure no woman worth her femininity will ever wish to crack such jokes now, and hence with time, these are sure to die down. But then, knowing a stereotype doesn't suddenly vanish in a day, I guess we will have to patiently wait, though by not sharing, and not laughing at such stupid jokes and memes will probably fasten the process. Let's see how it goes!

  • Ayan Pal
  • Posted: 20 Sep 2016

Cliche sells to the masses. Indian society, in general, has not evolved in terms of relationship definition. Making misery of their married condition gives men opportunity to justify their roving lust. Luckily, in the younger people this trend is not prominent. Young men between 20 and 30 years of age have competed with women to achieve whatever they have. So, they tend to think women as friends and colleagues more than the middle aged men, for whom marriage is the altar to sacrifice 'independence'. Also, this kind of stereotyping and joke sharing is more North Indian in nature, as I do not find such practice much prevalent among my South Indian friends. I have checked out of several functional whatsapp groups (for my residential complex, for another work group) due to an abundance of such husband-wife jokes completely destroying the purpose of that group. I would love to see a movie or work of art, where the wife is promiscuous and the husband tries all tricks up his sleeve to keep the wife loyal to him. We can portray this woman as a very successful career person and the man as a house-husband. Just to prove the point!


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