Exclusivity in an extra-marital affair

I recently came across a friend who is faced with a strange problem. He is married, but in love with another married woman. He wants to be exclusively in love with this other woman, but she is in love with another man at the same time. Her logic is, if you can accept your wife and me, why can't I accommodate my husband, and my two current lovers? What do you think about this? I plan to write his story soon.


He needs to ask himself if he is okay with being in an open relationship. What is more important here though is the one person being cheated on- his wife. Please ask him to come clean with her. Why shouldn't she have her affairs too, since nothing seems to stop him!


This dude is in a major mess. This is most likely a Karmic slap for him. While he is hiding and cheating on his wife, his current lover is quite openly cheating on him. What a double triangle of affairs! I am amazed at how much an individual can cope with, combined with the regular stress of work and life!

  • Roshan
  • Posted: 21 Sep 2016

I think ordinary people cannot value or appreciate romantic love unless it is exclusive to them. There is a strong element of possessiveness in this kind of relationship. Marriage is the socially approved relationship of this kind, which sanctions such exclusiveness. What your friend seeks, in other words is a second marriage, not in reality but in effect. On the other hand, the lady seems to be comfortable and sees no wrong in accepting and sharing her affections with yet another. From my point view, if your friend is unable to come to terms with this, it's going to be problematic for both of them.

  • Vaidi
  • Posted: 20 Sep 2016

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