Suggest me some gifting ideas, please!

I know this is perhaps not the right forum to discuss gifting ideas but I am at my wits end trying to decide what to get for my girlfriend's birthday! She is someone who prefers personalised gifts and I am someone who has no clue about how to make it special that way! So, gents and ladies, please help me out!


Hi Roshan, In case you are based in Bangalore, I can come help you prepare a special meal cooked by you especially for you. That would sweep her off her feet completely I'm sure. If you are up to the challenge, that is :) I also make customised book marks with beads and charms which are very pretty. Can customise something else for her as well depending on what her interests are. You can check out my FB page though all my products aren't featured there as yet. Do contact me for some unique ideas.

  • Urmi
  • Posted: 29 Sep 2016

Just one Rose or a Hand Written Gratitude Letter is enough to make her day! It's not how big the gift is, but how it is given. Give it with a smile, with positivity and a smile. If it's given when they don't expect it (like on their birthday), it will give you more points :)


Buy some nice handmade paper. Write down a nice letter to her. About how much she means to you. About how she has helped you grow as a person. About what great things you envisage for her. Sticks few pictures of the two of you. If she likes it, she can get it framed and hang it.


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