If you miss your Ex, is it a good idea to date her again?

Do you want to date your Ex again? You miss her, is that the good reason to get back her again in life?


You miss her, you meet her or you talk to her. I guess one should be mature enough to handle a breakup and remain friends. After all you did get separated in the first place, would you want to go through all the emotional wreck again? Me, definitely not.

  • jenny
  • Posted: 31 Jul 2016

Ritu: But how do you tame your emotions to that extent?

Ask yourself why she is your ex. That should clear it up.


If you miss her the problem is your loneliness. Does she want to get back with you again? If yes, then no harm in trying to revive the old relationship. If no, move on, find someone else to cure your loneliness.


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