Do we ignore ourselves often in relationships?

Do we often make the 'mistake' of placing our partner above ourselves when we are in love?


Yes!!! And then we blame our partner for our miseries!


Yes...but the thing is that it backfires. For if I will constantly put my needs on the back-burner i will eventually blame my partner for my miseries. And that will not pan out well


I think one ends up calling it a mistake when one is taken for granted or is broken because in placing the other before self, one in some ways loses oneself. I personally never felt it was a mistake till I saw how it led to me being taken for granted , always. It may be different for different people. I am not sure.

  • Dua
  • Posted: 09 May 2016

Aviva: I agree with what you have to say. But isnt it sometimes just amazing to losing oneself for just that one right person ?

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