Is feminism the cause for most marriage disputes?

Do you think feminism and feminist ideas are leading to more disputes in marriages and couples?


Not at all! I would rather equate feminism to humanism. Feminism is therefore, not restricted to the female gender. If a wife asserting her legitimate, genuine rights, and refusing to let go of her individuality be a problem for her husband, then, the husband has a problem, and not the wife. The guy needs to change.

  • Ram KR
  • Posted: 11 May 2016

I think so especially in urban areas because "feminism"is no more "women asserting for their genuine rights (equality) as human but has become a tool to prove "women" are superior to "men" for some ladies".


There is no connection whatsoever between the two! If I ask for equality and respect in a marriage, and that causes a dispute, I must start questioning my partner!

  • Dua
  • Posted: 09 May 2016

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