Why are we so afraid of commitment these days?

It feels like everyone is shying away from commitment these days. Why are we getting so commitment-phobic?


I think...now days we live in an open space unlike earlier days. Any kind of restrictions feels like suffocating. A commitment calls for certain restrictions in our desire, dreams and passions. Again due to availability of too-much-things around us, we have learnt “not to restrict" ourselves to any “one” thing and can easily “replace” it with another w/o getting any pangs of “attachment”. Third, the word “instant” has really not gone well in us as it has made us bit impatient...I guess. Commitment needs patience as well. So it’s quite but natural that the “Commitment” as a word appears to be monstrous for many around us.


Making a commitment to marry is a huge decision and a big unknown. While still single, it is helpful to get acclimated to the environment of marriage, find concrete examples of married couples who have the type of life and love we want, and learn practical skills to help us move forward. As you do these things, you become confident it is just a matter of time beforeyou are ready to go out into the deep.


Commitment calls for long lasting relationships and liabilities to be earnestly shouldered. Gone are the days when a promise was meant to be kept no matter what. Today's generation however isn't committed to commitments. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is the mool mantra so grab what you can, relish and forget when sick of it. Relationships are losing their real luster, the essence. SINGLE-COMMITTED-SINGLE. Just a matter of moments that too with no hitch to give out to the public through social networking sites! May be it's our parents, the in betweens who have taught us to welcome a Two Minute Maggie, Instant Pasta, Pizza online than relishing the joy of cooking, serving and loving.


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