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Is it fine to have a chubby baby?

New mothers often ask this question. "Is it fine if my baby is chubby, if she is active? Doctors have started saying that baby fat never actua ... Read More

Is a man 'wired' to be possessive about his woman?

Is a little possessiveness natural, even healthy in a relationship? What if a man doesn't care to see where his bette ... Read More

Why in-laws can't give us time to adjust ?

Like how can a person  adjust  in a family after marriage if in -laws don't have acceptability or they don't? give time to adjust ... Read More

Have u ever felt a societal pressure to get married at a particular age?

Like it's some kind of joke that we are crossing age limit with respect to marriage..Does age decide that now we need to get married??  ... Read More

Spouses having long sessions with single malts

When two people love each other but have fundamental differences in major aspects of life, should they sit over long drink sessions alone? Or it will ... Read More

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