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What do men feel about marriage markets?

Do men also feel that they are judged in the marriage market - for their looks, jobs, assets? Do men also feel that they are forced into matrimony? Sh ... Read More

Will any man accept a partner with her past???

We live in a society where men are not questioned about their past but women are expected to have no past relationships. How fair do you think this is ... Read More

Why do men shy away from relationship discussions?

I find that women find it easy to talk about partners, men like to keep mum? Is it that they do not feel as much or they just think it is strictly pri ... Read More

26-year old virgin or just asexual?

Is it normal for a guy of 26 years to choose to remain a virgin until he's married? Or is he simply asexual? ... Read More

I had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we are not speaking. Who should make the first move to talk?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven weeks now. Two days back, we had a huge fight and haven't spoken to each other since then. Should I wait ... Read More

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