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Older woman, younger man

A lot has been discussed about France's new president, Emmanuel Macron's older wife. Why is it that in this day and age also it is such a n ... Read More

Why men get more lusty and greedy physically, rather than giving more importance to love and respect...

When they are into a relationship with you for some odd years. And then they don't confront questions! 

... Read More

What is feminism to men?

I read a question for women in the recent discussions about feminism! 

Just wanted to ... Read More

What is your pet peeve about your wife/girlfriend?

Hey guys, there must be certain things that annoy you or put you off about your wife or girlfriend. Share your grouse with us. It could be somethin ... Read More

Why does he fart and burp loudly?

Why does he fart and burp loudly?

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