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Cheating spouse is blaming me

After I caught my husband cheating on me, all hell broke loose. Now that our marriage is almost over he says he blames me for pushing him there. Th ... Read More

how i caught my cheating spouse

i really dont think we all have the strength to withstand cheating partners,i was a victim that suffered in the hands of my spouse until i found a spy ... Read More

Forgiving a cheating partner and moving on together, does it truly work?

Extra marital affairs, one night stands are all common place now. When a cheating partner repents, asks for forgiveness, should the spouse blindly ... Read More

Signs of emotional affair

How do I know if my husband is having an affair? I don't think it is physical but he has stopped sharing with me, is always on the phone? Is th ... Read More

A second chance?

My wife had an emotional affair with an old friend of hers while our marriage was going through a rough patch. She confessed to it a few days ago s ... Read More

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