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Online Matrimony vs Online Dating: Which one would you prefer and why?

Turns out that the world of online matrimony is not very different from the real matrimony market- where the important variables are caste, co ... Read More

Do you (women especially) often find it difficult to state your needs clearly in a relationship?

I've often found myself and many of my (mostly) female friends finding to tough to articulate our needs when in a relationship. It could be any ... Read More

With how many persons can one be in love with in one lifetime?

I recently read an article that says we really fall in love only with three people in our lifetime. Would you agree to it? Or do you think otherwise? ... Read More

Who should take the tab on the first date? And what does it mean?

We've all been on atleast one date. And it was probably a coffee shop or dine out or movie or something. Traditional 'dating rules' say the guy must b ... Read More

Are UberPOOL and OLAShare refined ways to discover love and friendships?

Uber and OLA, for those who aren't familiar with the service, are convenient cab services that facilitate travel within a city. Uber operates across I ... Read More

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