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How justified is the idea of arrange marriage??

Parents expects their children to go for arrange marriage but without knowing each other how can two people be tied with one another? ... Read More

Is Monogamy really logical?

Don't we change all through out life? Every 3-4 years we can't believe what we were 3 years back. We are smarter. Our dreams have changed. etc. If suc ... Read More

Break up...stopped growing in the relationship

My ex left me saying she has stopped growing in this relationship. I thought we were in a happy place. What does this mean? ... Read More

Friend's boyfriend

My friend is about to tie the knot. Recently however I saw her boyfriend with another girl, in what seemed like a date. I am very confused if I should ... Read More

Second marriages

So, what's your experience been like - do you wish you had made first marriage work or are thankful for second one? ... Read More

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