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Why do we feel so possessive about our partner ?

Many a times it goes negative. It creates boundary to one's freedom in life. Being possessive is good or not, i don't know, but limiting so ... Read More

Showing love in a relationship

Sometimes we confuse negative traits like possessiveness or jealousy as showing love in a relationship. It could be a result of how movies have def ... Read More

Power couples connecting with spouse- is it in jeopardy considering the busy schedules?

Power couples please answer- how do you connect with your spouse? I often feel we do not have enough time to discuss about our life, future, childr ... Read More

Have we opened up to interfaith marriages completely ?

I was at a college as faculty. There was a ravishing Brahmin girl who was pursued by a boy from a different faith. They fell in love or was it a we ... Read More

Bad break

Just went through a horrible breakup, which has really devastated me. We were together for 6 years. Now I feel this break up has changed me forever ... Read More

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