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My husband is always busy with the phone or do I compete with technology now??

There's hardly any time left after work and now my partner's so called 'destressing gadgets' are taking over my personal time with ... Read More

Are both of you unable to stop arguing when you get into an argument?

Arguments, heated or otherwise, are bound to take place in any kind of relationship. For couples, jealousy, communication gap, in-laws, shopping, d ... Read More

what are the challenges and perks of being single?

Nobody likes to be told. Let's keep common sense aside and ask ourselves - are we really enjoying our freedom? Are we already doing things that ... Read More

Why is drinking an issue with wives whereas the same alcohol brings, popularity, attention and solace to the husband while in company of other people ?

Wives claim to be suffering in a big way as a result of alcohol consumption by husband. The husband is termed insensitive or even abusive, by the w ... Read More

My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend!

I've been friends with my ex boyfriend after our break up two months ago as it was tough to completely sever him from my life. And now he has a ... Read More

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