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The power of the horoscope

Horoscopes were matched for every marriage in the past. I am not sure if the same happens for all the marriages in the current times. I always wond ... Read More

Healthy arguing in marriage

It will be unrealistic to think that one will not argue in marriage. But there are some couples that manage to argue yet have a strong and loving m ... Read More

Does absence actually make the heart grow fonder?

My wife feels that the best way to raise our 9 month old daughter is by her dividing her time between our place (I live in a matriarchal joint fami ... Read More

Do you really believe that arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages?

It is believed that arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages. But why? 

... Read More

How do I get my husband and mother to improve their relationship?

My husband and mother don't get along well. Their frequent conflicts cause me tremendous stress as both are equally important to me. I have tri ... Read More

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