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Common mother tongue - does it matter for a couple?

So my husband and I have different languages as our mother tongues so we resort to communicating in English or Hindi. While I know his language and s ... Read More

Do you always know when your spouse is getting into crisis mode?

Men or women who go through a mid life crisis have many symptoms. But it differs from person to person. The timing differs. Someone would have it at 4 ... Read More

I'm a 30 year old doctor.. and I'm under a lot of pressure to get married..

I'm stuck. It's like my life would end if I cross 30 being unmarried. Or I will remain single for ever. Coz 30 something girls don't have time lef ... Read More

Baby to explain to in-laws that they're our prerogative?

My in laws have decided they want to name my children. While I don't have any yet, I do want to be able to pick the names of my own babies. But they s ... Read More

Helping my wife

My wife is a perfectionist, and prefers doing all work by herself. But I want to help her, especially with home chores. According to her, I'm no good ... Read More

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