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Does a marriage work when one partner contributes more to its survival and well-being ?

Ideally, a marriage is about equality in everything. But rarely does it turn out to be so in the real life. When one partner contributes more to the ... Read More

What will your reaction be when you come to know/realise that your husband/partner is a gigolo?

I have come across a real-life incident, where, 3 months' after marriage the wife discovers that the husband is a gigolo and even has male partners. I ... Read More

Has parental interference in marriages been questioned?

Parents are the cocoon one loves to embrace. Once a girl gets married, she looks up to them for support and love but there are times when their posses ... Read More

Do we really want to know the truth about our partners? The whole truth?

We don't even know the truth about ourselves--it's too complex, we change everyday. Would I love my hubby more, would our marriage be stronger, if we ... Read More

Top 3 priorities of a long term marriage

What are the top three priorities that we need to focus on, as we work actively on sustenance and success of domestic nuptials? Communication, integri ... Read More

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