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Close and happy human relationships provide protection against stress. Thus, love, in its various forms, makes the best health insurance! What do you think?

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Time and experience taught me to give space in my married relationship. What about you?

I would like to know your views about giving space to each other in a marriage. Do you agree that too much involvement and closeness translate into st ... Read More

Is spending quality time together a good substitute for spending long idle hours together?

Modern-day working couples find just a few hours to spend together – only weekends to freak out. As a result, they want to derive the maximum out of t ... Read More

Would You marry someone who had an artificial elbow and has some restrictions in one had?

Well, I am a woman in early 30s, (31) and I have an artificial elbow. Underwent a surgery after a major accident. Guys have started rejecting me becau ... Read More

Does a marriage work when one partner contributes more to its survival and well-being ?

Ideally, a marriage is about equality in everything. But rarely does it turn out to be so in the real life. When one partner contributes more to the ... Read More

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