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Am a virgin wife for 4 years ? I don't know why he is doing this to me . Apart this he's trying to impress me

We always ended up in fight talking about this. Am in the edge of quiting . Does someone else have same experience ... Read More

Loud sex and Joint family, how does one solve this issue?

It has been seven long years and I still cannot get it out of mind that people can listen to us have sex! ... Read More

Is it possible to have a perfect marriage when the sex life is far from perfect?

Sexual chemistry (& physics & geography) :) is vital to a marriage. However, in a relationship if the couple is at odds regarding the frequency, the ... Read More

How is it to have sex with your husband, when you know he doesn't love, care and respect you ?

It happens sometimes in the Indian arranged marriages. It is considered as a duty and a right to have sex after marriage, even though one of the partn ... Read More


This is a very personal matter but I feel the communities section of this website might help me. My wife likes to dominate while having sex. She alway ... Read More

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