Let's Talk About Sex: Communicating about Sex Discussions

How would you define your relationship with your partner: all action no talks or talk and help make it better

Men usually are concerned about how well they did while not all partners are very willing to openly discuss how their experience was and is there need ... Read More

Why do men and women never really talk about sex?

Talking, exchanging the feelings, revealing what it felt like and what is expected is the only way we can move towards improving, spicing up and reall ... Read More

When friends have sex

If you have sex with a close friend, does it mean you are in a relationship? Can a relationship between friends work if they end up having sex and fee ... Read More

Why are older women falling on younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ?

Why are older women falling on Younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ? Somehow they are often not sexually attracted to their husbands, desir ... Read More

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