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confused about his intentions

I have been dating him for a few months. He was a bit weird/shy in the beginning. We met thru common... Read More


Pre marital sex

I am scared of having premarital sex with my boyfriend. Mostly scared of family reputation.


Financial crisis in Relationship

I m 26 year old guy & having in relationship for 2 years. I m living with my GF from last one year. ... Read More


Unconditional Love

I wanted to share one thing- I have found myself to be an intense lover. I am always truthful in any... Read More


Childhood sexual abuse

I was sexually abused when I was 4-5- by someone in the neighborhood. It was only 2 times and never ... Read More



I have a roving eye and a fetish for armpits specially clean shaven ones. Am more than 30 and usuall... Read More


Jealous and upset

I am a divorced lady. I wanna confess that I am jealous of all my friends who are married and settle... Read More


Dating a married woman

I am 28 years old & having job in MNC. As I am travelling a lot for work, I meet new people every da... Read More


Secret Live-In relationship

I am 25 year old guy & doing job out of my home town. I am in live-in relationship with my babe sinc... Read More


I want to have affair with my friend's husband

I am single & 26 years old. One of my friend's husband is handsome & hot. He is very loyal to his wi... Read More


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