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I'm not gay but my wife left me

I'm not gay but I got high on drugs and started chatting with another man. My wife found out and left me. Now I feel like killing myself. ... Read More


Crush on my boyfriend's dad

I have crush on my boyfriend's dad. I know that it's bad thing to have but I can't help myself. ... Read More


I am talking to him everyday! Thinking about him the rest of the day.

I am scared my hubby will know! ... Read More


Secretly Married

I secretly married to my boyfriend last year & no one knows about this marriage. It's been one year & happily living with him. ... Read More


How to overcome depression after breakup with boyfriend?

I have recently undergone separation with my boyfriend of three years. And now I am wondering how to stop depression from my breakup. Please share you ... Read More


Feeling of Jealousy

I feel jealous whenever I see my girlfriend is flirting with any boy. She is extrovert & love the company of boys..I don't mind that she is talking to ... Read More


Slept with my boss

We don’t realise the worth of someone unless it’s gone. I kept cheating on my GF when we were in a relationship and then I messed it up big time. Init ... Read More


Strong recommendation

I strongly recommend at least one live-in relationship before you get married. You can get married to the same person or someone else, but living in h ... Read More


Open relationships seldom get exploited

I think the more open the relationships, the more closed you become. When you have the freedom, one doesn't feel the need to exploit it ... Read More


Being the King of this World

Sometimes I feel all the men in the World should die and it should just be me with all the women in this World. :-) ... Read More


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