What I Learnt About Couple Relationships From My Parents

02 Jul 2016
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Our parents are our first idols as a couple. We watch them day in and day out running a house together, building a home together, facing ups and downs, and living their marriage together. We learn a lot about handling our own couple relationships from hearing them, watching them and from their rights and wrongs. So tell us, what is one couple relationship lesson that your parents taught you directly or indirectly? 

In 150 words or less, share with us the relationship insight you received from your parents. And win cash vouchers worth Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000!

Last date: 5th July, 2016



Contests Result

Congratulations to the two winners of our 'What I Learnt About Couple Relationships From My Parents' Contest!


First Prize: Swati Sarangi

“The most appealing relationship insight that I’ve learned from my parents is the mutual consultation. Whenever there comes a need of any family decision to be taken, then there’s always a session of mutual consultation between my parents. It happens because the underlying principles are trust and respect for each others viewpoints as trust is the building block of any relationship. This not only increases the effectiveness of decision-making as it includes analysing a situation from different perspectives but also strengthens the compatibility existing between them. So, an equality in presenting own opinion is established in this way.” 

About Swati: Swati holds a B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering. She has an intense obsession with words, numbers and colours. She finds all pleasure in reading and writing. She tweets at @creative_conste


Second Prize: Sid Balachandran

"The biggest #relationship lesson that I learnt from seeing my parents as a couple was the importance of communication. Yes, my parents have had their arguments, but I'm always been amazed by the way how they found a solution by ensuring that they had open and clean channels of communication between them. The other important lesson that my parents' relationship taught me is the there is such a thing as spending too much time together. Every now and then, my parents would take some time-out from each other to do things that they enjoyed individually and not together. It taught me to appreciate the fact that at the end of the day, even though my wife and I are a couple, we do need our space now and then.” 

About Sid: Academically a telecommunication engineer, Sid recently swapped his decade long professional career and is now a thirty-something work-from-home dad. When not running after his four-year old son, tripping over LEGO blocks or pulling out food from his hair, he writes about fatherhood, parenting in general, fiction and satire on his blog: www.iwrotethose.com. He is also a contributor to www.bonobology.com


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