Does your Phone Drive you Closer or Apart?

29 Jul 2016
Story Contest | Does Your Phone Drive You Closer or Apart? | Bonobology
Does your Phone Drive you Closer or Apart?

Devices are everywhere! Our mobile phones, laptops, tablets. They affect every aspect of our lives including our relationships. Do they help bridge the gap between you and your partner? Or do they sabotage your relationships with their constant presence? Are they your friends or foes in relationships?

In 200 words or less, tell us one important way in which technology has affected your relationship with your partner. And win cash vouchers worth Rs. 1500 and Rs. 1000!

Last date: 7th Aug, 2016

Important Note: to qualify - 

1. Register as a user on
2. Limit your entry to 200 words.
3. Send a 2-3 line bio of yourself and your Twitter/Instagram handles if you use them.

Contests Result

Hearty congratulations to the winners of our contest! Here are the winners and the winning entries:

First Prize: Anandam

 “One thing’s for sure, my  husband has never gazed  at me with as much  adoration and undivided  attention as he does his  phone. But then, I don’t  have a dozen apps and  pings and pongs  emanating from my visage  – I can’t hope to compete.
 He has been known to look  into my eyes on occasion  and whisper sweet  nothings into the general direction of my ear. Until the phone rings. At that point, all bets are off. The Phone Must Be Answered. Even if the person on the other end is a telemarketer selling him dog food (we do not own a dog) or an acquaintance returning his missed call who needs to know his last name, occupation, mother’s maiden name, and date of birth to identify him. You see, when I am bored, I read a book or mindlessly surf Facebook. My husband scrolls through his contact list, picks a name, any name, and calls. But no problem. I know how this works. Whenever I need his attention, I know what to do. I leave home. Then I call him up. And he’s mine, all mine. Until the next call beeps. Darned call waiting!”
About Anandam :
Anandam Ravi is a corporate learning designer by profession and a writer at heart. She finds inspiration in lost keys, kitchen debacles, the world around, and her children.
Second Prize: Amit Datta
“My cell phone has widened gaps between me and my wife. The charm of missing each other is not there anymore now. 
Just a simple text message can clear things now. Gone are the days when there was a surprise element between us. I have started hating this advanced technology which has in a way dragged love and emotions to the back seat. Earlier waiting for each other was so real and nothing was fake but now this cell phone has made us a machine too. Even emotions like love, care, anger, grief or happiness have become a lot mechanical courtesy this cell phone in our hands. Human emotions are no where now? Everything is understood between me and my wife but what hurts me is the lack of spice and surprise in our relationship? After a fight, she just texts me sorry and it's understood that the quarrel is over but earlier it used to be a heated argument and then love would eventually prosper. I want a life again with my wife but without this cell phone. Ready to sacrifice anything for that one moment with her where no gadget is an interpreter or a communicator but it’s only us and just us.”
About Amit Datta : 
Amit Datta a fitness freak who is a writer by heart and a travel blogger by choice.. In his words, his USP is that he is a very genuine critic..


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