How do you make up after a big fight?

17 Aug 2016
Story Contest | How Do You Make Up After A Big Fight? | Bonobology

Having ‘something to fight about’ makes a relationship interesting. And what makes the ‘fight about something' in a relationship interesting is the bitter-sweet making up after the tough fight. Don’t you agree?

So whilst most couples are similar in the way they fight, their ways of coming back to each other after a fight are unique!

What’s your big secret of making up after a fight?

Tell us your tried-and-tested formula of reconciling after a fight in less than 200 words, and win one of the two cash vouchers worth Rs. 1500 being given away!

Last date: 30th Aug, 2016

Important Note: To qualify - 
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2. If you are on Twitter, please follow @TheWiseBonobo on Twitter
3. Limit your entry to 200 words
4. Send a 2-3 line bio of yourself and your Twitter/Instagram handles if you use them

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