Win 3 cash vouchers worth Rs. 5000! Write for the #YouGotMyBack contest!

08 Apr 2016
Win 3 cash vouchers worth Rs. 5000! Write for the #YouGotMyBack contest!
"I can’t handle this anymore. I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t anymore." 
Sounds familiar? 
There are times in life that push us to the edge of despair. Think of a such a time in your life when you faltered but your partner held fort and carried you through, and write to us about it. Maybe they gave you the space to hit rock bottom and then climb your way up, or perhaps they gave you the much needed guidance and support. Tell us how your partner supported you and win big prizes! 
Submission guidelines:
*The submission should be narrated in the first person and must revolve around a singular true incident, issue or situation.
*Word limit: 600 words (non-fiction only) 
*Last date of submission: May 15, 2016
*To qualify for the contest, you must register on, and submit a two-line profile along with your social media handles. 
3 winners will receive gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000 each!
So hurry and submit your entry for the #YouGotMyBack contest!
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Contests Result

We have had a wonderful response to our ‘You got my back’ contest. So, to begin with, thank you for sharing some very heart touching, intimate and real life stories with us.

Your entries bring home the point that a good marriage/relationship is like a partnership. As you navigate life together, it is your partner who helps you stay afloat during some of the most challenging times.

Partners/spouses do in innumerable ways, as our entries tell us. Here are the three winning entries (in no particular order) which highlight some of the ways a partner has been there and made a difference.

'When my diet destroyed my dignity, my boyfriend saved the day' Read Niharika Nandi's entry here.

'My body was broken but my girlfriend kept my heart whole' Read Raul Sodat Najwa's entry here.

'My husband saw me exhausted and overwhelmed, and made it better' Read Archana Kapoor Nagpal's entry here.

We will publish more of these entries, so keep an eye out, and yes, congratulations to the winners! 

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