Confessions of a jealous girlfriend

Shuchi Kalra
Shuchi Kalra
Posted on : 23 Jan 2017

What does it mean when she is intensely jealous and what are the implications if she no longer feels any jealousy?

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My wife's male friend

Darshana Doshi
Darshana Doshi
Posted on : 10 Jan 2017

He prides himself on being a metrosexual man with a modern and liberal outlook. What happens when a childhood friend of his wife enters thei...

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Mr and Mrs Love

Rajika Malhotra
Rajika Malhotra
Posted on : 29 Jul 2016

Rajika Malhotra eavesdrops on the perfect couple and ponders their predicament

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Did I love Sophia, who loved Joseph?

Ra Sh
Ra Sh
Posted on : 12 Jul 2016

In this first person narrative, Ravi Shanker talks about a friend and evenings where the imagined became real and the real became the imagin...

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Where love dwells, jealousy follows?

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 11 Apr 2016

Even the easiest and cosiest of relationships throw up nasty surprises in a social environment. Raksha Bharadia explores the phenomenon, and...

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