Love is in Maggi, nail paint and guitar sessions...

Ankit Sharma appreciates his partner for the small gestures of love that make his heart sing, in this entry to the 'I haven't told you but I have noticed' contest

Ankit Sharma | Posted on 06 May 2016
What is love - Keeping The Partner's Preferences In Mind? |

I haven't said so but I have noticed each and every little thing you do for me. From tolerating my ‘intolerant’ silence when I am angry to even sportingly enjoying my guitar sessions! I am thankful for everything that you do for me whether it is avoiding painting your nails when we meet (just because I don’t like nail polish) to eating something that you otherwise wouldn’t. And bringing that extra lunch box full of my favourite Maggi. 



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Tina Acharya: Lovely!!!

Team Bonobology: Yes, it’s the little things that make a relationship work :)


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