Winners of the Many Moods of a Couple Contest

Both our winners capture the circle of love: from a carefree meeting to getting married and then, getting old together!

Team Bonobology | Posted on 11 Jun 2016
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1st Winner

Kamakshi Shenoy

About the photograph:  This photograph captures the love between a couple; a love that lasts for 40 years of their marriage and more. We love it because there is something timeless about a love that endures…

 About the contestant:

Shenoy is a foodie, traveller, blogger, amateur photographer, crafts woman and a voracious reader. She comes from a media sales background, but quit her job to focus on spending more time with her family. She upcycles dry waste into funky jewellery which goes by the brand name Paperkrafts.





2nd Winner

Manish Kumar

About the photograph:  This photograph captures a wedding in progress. We like the play of colours and the fact that it symbolises a beginning, and the coming together of two individuals as well as families.

About the contestant:

Manish Kumar is into photography since the last five years and his work has been published in magazines like Nat Geo, Lonely Plant, Apsire India among many others. He believes in capturing moments that make the viewer happy.


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U: Love the photos ... Congratulations to the winners!


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