Meet the fabulous storytellers of the Love Lost and Found flash fiction contest

Team Bonobology | Posted on 06 Feb 2016
Winners of Love Lost and Found flash fiction contest

So here are the winners of the Love Lost and Found Flash Fiction Contest. We loved all these stories for different reasons. Some for the intrigue, the twist in the end, others for the nuanced exploration of realtionships, and some just for the evocative, romantic feel. Do read the stories and share and spread the love

Elizabeth Ponnu. 

Smart Babe Anu Chopra. 

Anjana Jha. 

Summerita Rhayne. 

Omair Tarique. 

Bali Sangvhi

Namrata Chauhan. 

Special Mention: Dhritishna Kalita (not shortlisted, but as one of the youngest particpants in the contest, we just loved her interpretation of the flash fiction form and her fluid writing). 



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