Learning from the dwellers of the Kama Sutra land

Writer and blogger Bishwanath Ghosh narrates an interesting description of Khajuraho: the temples of love

Raksha Bharadia | Posted on 03 Feb 2016
Learning From The Dwellers Of Khajuraho, The Kama Sutra Land | Bonobology

On his visit to Khajuraho, Bishwanath Ghosh was fascinated by a gardener who became his guide for the temples of love on a beautiful morning in October 2007. Here is an excerpt from Ghosh’s blog ‘Letter From The Land Of Kama Sutra,’ where he vividly narrates the guide’s interesting description of the temple of Vishwanatha:

He did a namaste and disappeared again. By now the sun had risen high and I walked across the lawns. A group of Westerners had gathered around a smartly-dressed guide and were listening to him. The guide spoke fluent English and from a distance I could catch the words “bestiality”, “homosexuality”, “vices,” “illusion and delusion.”

When I got closer, I realised he was explaining the presence of erotic carvings in a temple. He told the foreigners that when you enter the home of God, you should get rid of all worldly distractions — that’s the message of the Khajuraho temples. And then, like a chemistry teacher, he summed up: “Lust converts to love, love converts to devotion, devotion converts to spirituality, spirituality converts to super-consciousness.” I got the point.


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Siddhartha Mishra: Sex is an integral part of being human . We were a open culture . Sex leads to liberation , if we are aware. Awareness is important .

AvantikaDebnath: It sounds so hypocritical wen people blame west's influence for the existence of homosexuality in India... It was always a part of Indian culture, just that it was a hush hush thing behind closed doors.

Team Bonobology: You are right Avantika,Indian mythology is full of references to changes of sex, homoerotic encounters, and intersex or third gender characters are often found both in traditional religious narratives such as the Vedas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and Puranas as well as in regional folklore.

Shruti Mathur: "titillating description of the temple: - good read

Team Bonobology: Glad that you liked it, Shruti :)


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