Why must...? - A poem

Sometimes, a love poem conveys everything that you have been trying to say

Nawaid Anjum | Posted on 25 May 2016
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Why must, every time, when I look at you, I stare?
Why must, every time, I find you beside me, yet not quite there?
Why must, every time, when I speak to you, I fumble?
For words, as if you were a master, I — a servant most humble?
Why must, every time, when  I look into your eyes, I catch
A glimpse of some faraway world, an alien snatch? 
Why must, every time, when I think of you, I smile?
As if you'll be forever around, not just for a while.
Why must, every time, when I see you go, I dread?
Will I be alive when you come back or will I be dead?
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