Cannot accept unfaithful spouse. But it is exciting if I desire someone else!

The curious truth about urban relationships unravels in this piece of survey conducted by Bonobology

Team Bonobology | Posted on 19 Feb 2016
Infidelity and being faithful in marriage |

Despite rising instances of infidelity related to stressful lives (husbands working long hours, women demanding more out of their relationship), most Indian couples still believe in the institution of marriage.

In a survey conducted by, 300 men and women were asked how would they feel if they desired someone outside their marriage. A majority – 48.04 per cent said they would be excited, 35 per cent said they would be confused and 36 per cent said they would feel guilty. Even then, when asked how would they react if they found out that their partner has been unfaithful, nearly 42 per cent said they would not know how to react while 37 per cent said they would discuss the matter and stay in the relationship. Only 14 per cent said they would separate.

Yes, and more than 85 per cent respondents said that it is important that their spouse remains faithful to them. 

Interesting? Kind of hypocritical? Makes sense? Tell us what you make of this. 

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