He hates my parents, wants me to love his

Name Withheld | Posted on 20 Mar 2017
Counsellor : Dr Kushal Jain
My Husband hates my parents but wants me to love his | Bonobology.com

Q: My husband is a momma's boy and is forcing me to live with my conservative and interfering in-laws with whom I’m not at all comfortable. Otherwise he threatens divorce. He hates my parents and openly said that he'll never support me in taking care of them, but expects me to be fully dedicated towards his family. He has a lot of other conditions which I should follow if I want to save this marriage. What should I do?

A: It seems your marriage is going through troubled times. Marriage is a two-way communication and requires you to express what you are feeling to your husband. Try and have a logical conversation with your husband about the conditions he has kept on you, evaluating pros and cons of each. Also explore his reasons for hatred towards your parents. Talk to your husband, trying to make him understand that threatening divorce will not make things better for you guys, but will just instill more hatred amongst each other. Decide and work upon mutual goals for your relationship. You can also take external help by visiting a marital therapist, who could help you in the above process. 

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