My father is having an affair, what should mom do?

Name Withheld | Posted on 18 Apr 2017
Counsellor : Snigdha Mishra
Dad is cheating on mom, what do I do?
My father is having an affair, what should mom do?

Question: My father has been suspecting my mother for years and they are not talking with each other since four years. They are living together just for the sake of me and my brother. My father doesn't even want to see my mom's face. Whenever my mom tries to talk with him he gets frustrated, many times he hit her also. Recently, my mom caught my dad having an affair and she doesn’t know what to do and what will be the right step. Can you advise please?


Answer: There is very limited information that you've given, hence I cannot suggest what your mother should do. Guidance for your mother frankly depends on what she wants for herself and from her relationship with your father. Your mother can seek guidance from a legal expert and/or a psychotherapist specialising in marital therapy. There are multiple options for your mother depending upon what she wants for herself. But firstly, the situation may be emotionally upsetting for her and therefore she may need help for that as a priority. Hence, I suggest she speaks with a therapist herself and gains clarity on her current and future goals.

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